View & Do Security Information Management for Enterprises


Centrally collect, analyze and store security information and event logs:

Demonstrates Regulatory Compliance


Centrally design, approve, and deploy network security policies:

Enforces Regulatory Compliance


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Gamblingmetropolis – We’ve implemented Exaprotect’s security system into our web page and have seen some amazing results. Previously our site was attacked by hackers but after using their system all attacks have been prevented.

“This is very important for us since we are one of the biggest online casino guides in the UK, and we are depedent on keeping our uptime at 100% without any slow loading time. We had one instant where our High Limit Slots Page ( and our WMS Slots Page ( was attacked and taken down. Even though we only had this downtime during 12 hours it costed us a lot of revenue. Therefore we are very happy to work with Exaprotect to make sure our visitors have a hassle free experience” says spokeman Patrik Andersson.


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